Head Line

Unlimited-ongoing-everyday project. Black ink engraved on brass plate, variable dimension. Edition of 5+1 AP.

Since 2008 I collect headlines from daily newspapers. Printed every day in mass production and update frequently on the internet edition, the short-lived headlines are a basic transmission tool delivering the most important global news. The running events, such as time, rapidly changing, mark our present and future realities. Despite their ephemeral side, the content has an eternal impact, which reinforces the relation between past, present and future.

The selected headlines in this project represent a poetic language often used in a capitalist consumer culture, personalizing the non-private matter. The political becomes personal and generate an effect of solidarity and identification. The gap between the meaning of the headline and the content of the article is sometimes as extensive as its interpretation. Each headline, engraved on a brass plate, similar to signals in public places, perpetuates the message and become a commercialized object. The lack of source or context, transforms the political or social worldwide event into a poetic micro-message.