Multi-channel video installation. Half-life, Two-channel video & sound installation, 6’ min. Radiogardase, Two-channel video & sound installation, 5’ 30 min. Picture of the Floating (Radioactive) World,  8mm film transfer into HD video, 10’ min. 2017/2018

The installation looks at the cyclical notion of water through the production of silk in Japan and the Prussian Blue Pigment. Two pairs of videos parallel both natural and artificial metamorphosis in silk production. The second pair of videos is based on the scientific transformation of Prussian blue pigment into a medication treating radioactive contamination.

The project is a visual essay on our conflicting relationship to nature that can be expressed with the word plant, “being both a factory and green spurt of nature in garden and forest? Is not this ultimate deception the unforced, natural poetry, combining the manmade with the natural ? “* 


The project was produced in the Arts Maebashi Museum artist-in-residency program.
Jun Igarashi (curator)
Toshihiro Fukunishi (production)
Participants: Nobue Higashi, Wataru Hiraish, Tetsuya Matsumura and Setsuyo Matsumura.

Image and Editing Keren Benbenisty
Sound Manuela Schininà
Text Brooke Larson